Our Mission

Sedation Solutions is committed to the advancement of safe and effective sedation for medical and dental procedures through integrating excellence in patient care, education, research, and training.


Our Vision

Sedation Solutions will achieve its mission through a commitment to the highest level of excellence in all sedation related activities for the benefit of patients and professionals
- clinical: provision of safe and effective sedation services by highly competent 
..and caring sedationist professionals
- education: stimulate, excite, and consolidate the quality and quantity of
..sedation knowledge and education for sedation professionals
- research: conduct essential research to advance and increase the safe and
..effective use of sedation 
- innovation: drive knowledge creation for all sedation practitioners through the use of         ..technology to link clinical sedation and research.

Sedation Solutions LLP is a CQC registered, leading provider of sedation for the dental and medical community in the United Kingdom. 

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