Academia (the word is derived from the school of philosophy of which Plato was head) is an essential driving and guiding force in the discipline of clinical sedation to “think, study, research, discover, evaluate, innovate, teach, learn, and improve.” As such, on these pages you will find the Sedation Solutions ' virtual academy' where a wealth of sedation related professional development, information, and opinion is posted that is up to date, relevant, topical, applicable, and actionable, including:

We are very privileged for the input and guidance here from Professor James Roelofse and his esteemed colleagues who sources and suggests CPD topics and questions, suggests and/or writes the articles, and also provides commentaries on important aspects of conscious sedation.


Sedation Solutions is privileged to have Professor James Roelofse as our academic advisor. James is a world authority in...

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Prof's Welcome Note: In an era where conscious sedation is increasingly becoming a preferred option for many procedures outside...

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Pro's Short Commentaries

- Ketamine for conscious sedation

- Changing role of sedation providers

- Conscious Sedation safety

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