The knowledge base of conscious sedation is continually evolving, improving and increasing. This requires an ongoing commitment to professional learning and skills development. Sedation Solutions is actively engaged in the provision and promotion of professional development initiatives. With the paricipation of leading academics and practitioners, we provide CPD symposia, CPD articles and points, guidelines updates, regular commentaries on current topics and trends, mentoring, etc.

Sedation Solutions is privileged to have Professor James Roelofse as our senior academic advisor. He is a world authority in the field of anaesthesiology and conscious sedation for medical and dental procedures, and has been actively involved in all matters concerning sedation for most of his professional career[Read More]


In addition to providing clinical guidance to Sedation Solutions, Professor Roelofse provides verifiable CPD articles, latest updates in sedation practice, academic perspectives and case reports on important sedation related topics. All these are available on the Sedation Solutions website to help sedation practitioners keep up to date on their knowledge and skills; so please consult our Knowledge Hub sections in this regard

The information in the Knowledge Hub is in line with, and helps practitioners to fulfill, the 2010 NICE guidelines on conscious sedation as well as other UK and international guidelines. They all state that sedation practitioners must have evidence of competency in conscious sedation that includes:

  • Theoretical Training [Read More]

  • Work-based Assessments [Read More]

  • Continuing Professional Development [Read More]

  • Clinical Training

  • Airway Certification

  • Logbook [Read More]

  • We thank Prof Roelofse and his esteemed colleagues who source and suggest CPD topics and questions, suggests and/or writes the articles, and also provides commentaries on important aspects of conscious sedation.


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