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In an era where conscious sedation is increasingly becoming a preferred option for many procedures outside the operating room, I am extremely excited to see initiatives such as Sedation Solutions driving standards, training, quality control, and innovation in the field. Many procedures previously performed under general anaesthesia are now being successfully performed under intravenous conscious sedation in multiple disciplines in both developed and developing countries. This is enormously encouraging since it is driven by the inherent safety and efficacy of conscious sedation, as well as by the considerably lower costs and health economic advantages of conscious sedation.

I regard initiatives like Sedation Solutions as key in the safe promotion and adoption of conscious intravenous sedation worldwide, and it is for me a great honour to be associated with this initiative. The medical and dental community worldwide has I believe been waiting a long time for such an enterprise in conscious sedation, and I am enthused with the platform Sedation Solutions has to offer.

All of these are offered in the UK and internationally. Initiatives such as Sedation Solutions can make a significant contribution to quality, safety, training and education in the field of sedation and pain control in the UK and beyond. Sedation practitioners can only practice safely and effectively with the necessary training, ongoing skill development, and the latest knowledge. To obtain the full benenefits from the site, please register.

Other contributors to the site include international sedation authorities and practitioners with diverse skills, experience, knowledge, and clinical cases; as well as colleagues from the pharmaceutical sector whose exposure and support is needed to optimise the safe practice of conscious sedation


May you all have a trouble free sedation journey, and we look forward to exciting years ahead!

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