Research is a key aspect of the provision of conscious sedation to ensure safe, effective and optimised sedations. Sedation Solutions is committed to research studies in the field of conscious sedation. A number of conscious sedation areas lack research data, and it is these areas that Sedation Solutions will focus on. This research in sedations for medical and dental procedures is needed to provide the best care for patients by bringing together, in a structured manner, the best available information that is relevant to priority areas in sedation, and presenting this information in a way that can be interpreted easily and implemented. 


A key part of our research is the sophisticated software that we have purpose developed for sedation data capture and analysis. This easy to use sedation software captures all clinical, monitoring and pharmacologic data from the beginning of each sedation treatment session all the way through to discharge of the patient. The information is then transferred securely, confidentially, instantaneously and automatically to secure servers where the data is stored and can be analysed according to approved protocols.


Current quality studies are limited usually due to:

  • Inadequate data reporting: the data is of poor quality, or incomplete, or insufficient data, or not recorded at all, or only ..captured on paper and not electronically.

  • Inadequate data access: fragmented data, data stored in different locations, paper data not accessible electronically, the ..variety of drug regimens, variety of outcomes, makes it impossible to store the data, aggregate the data reported, or to ..conduct a meta-analysis.


Sedation Solutions addresses both these issues by:

  • Electronic data capture:  we have developed the first advanced customised software to capture data electronically in real time ..during the sedation thus ensuring data quality and completeness of data.

  • Research database:  all data captured is immediately transmitted to a central database where it is stored and can be analysed ..and researched according to any number of criteria and parameters.


In this way Sedation Solutions hopes to contribute to sedation research in a meaningful way using best practice methodologies, adhering to CONSORT standards, designing innovative analyses and studies, and ensuring access to detailed data (including precise description of the sedative procedure, whether conscious sedation or deep sedation was employed, an account of all adverse effects, details of the sample and how the sample size was determined, the use of supplementary methods, whether physical intervention was used, etc).


Some of the areas we will address include priority areas of sedation where current research and information in limited incl:

  • Conscious sedation using combinations of drugs
  • Conscious sedation using continuous infusion

  • Choice of sedation method for patients

  • Conscious sedation of paediatric patients.

  • Cognitive and behavioural effects of conscious sedation

  • Interaction of pharmacological and non-pharmacological anxiety management techniques

  • Fasting before conscious sedation


Contact us if you have any suggestions for research, or would like to participate in ou research.

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