Continuing Professional Development (CPD) 2014 -2015


SERIES 9c: Ketofol, risky or revolutionary: CPD article V
SERIES 9b: Ketofol, risky or revolutionary: CPD article IV
SERIES 9: Ketofol 111: Risky or Revolutionary
SERIES 8a: Ketofol 11, Risky or Revolutionary
SERIES 8: Ketofol, Risky or Revolutionary
SERIES 7: Modern Medicine 3 Conscious-Sedation
SERIES 6: Modern Medicine 2 Conscious-Sedation
SERIES 5: Modern Medicine 1 Conscious-Sedation
SERIES 4: Drugs and Conscious Sedation
SERIES 3: Basics; Drugs
SERIES 2: Dexmedetomidine; Tramadol; Fentanyl; Intellectually Disabled Patients
SERIES 1: Medical Questionnaires; Herbs; and Aspirin

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Problem Based Learning Exercises: Complete our CPD series, answer the questions, and submit for CPD points.


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