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Our mentoring services are focused on assisting, ensuring, and enabling the safe and effective practice of sedation by practitioners and clinics.


Activities in this regard include ¬


Mentoring Services

Sedation Solutions provides a 'mentoring program' that ensures practitioners and clinics providing sedation services to do so in a professional, competent, knowledgeable and compliant manner. Our mentoring program comprises many aspects particularly supervised clinical training as well as online support. Supervised clinical training is practical, on site and in person mentoring of practitioners and clinics while they learn the art and application of advanced sedation techniques. Sedation Solutions mentoring is delivered by leading practitioners and academics in sedation training and development who lead our mentoring programmes in conscious sedation according to contemporary international standards. This is offered in the UK as well as internationally for all healthcare professionals and facilities who qualify to perform sedation.

The aims and objectives of our mentoring programs include:

  • To equip and train sedation practitioners to provide safe and effective sedation and pain control for patients undergoing diagnostic and therapeutic procedures

  • To provide ongoing conscious sedation skills training as defined in UK guidelines

  • To promote the advancement of scientific knowledge in conscious sedation

  • To equip practitioners to understand the value of pre-sedation selection and assessment


The successful outcomes of our mentoring are evaluated in terms of competence, knowledge and understanding parameters:


  • Demonstrate competence in carrying out safe sedation techniques

  • Demonstrate competence in simulation cases (these courses are provided according to demand)

  • Demonstrate the immediate management of common complications associated with sedation

  • Demonstrate competence in skills necessary for the performance of clinical, investigative, diagnostic and organizational procedures related to sedation and pain management (conscious sedation)

  • The ability to communicate effectively with patients and peers in a team context in relation to sedation and pain control (conscious sedation)


For post graduate training in standard sedation techniques, we recommend the following institutions:

Advisory Services

In addition to our Mentoring programs for practitioners and clinics, Sedation Solutions also offers a series of services designed to optimise and assist sedation clinics to provide and adhere to best practices in sedation. We ensure that clinics and other institutions maximise the benefits and opportunities of providing sedation for patients. In this regard our Mentoring services are complemented by Appraisals and Accreditation services.


Appraisals are an essential part of revalidation, the process by which all licensed doctors must demonstrate every five years (in the UK) that they are up to date and fit to practise. Sedation Solutions provides appraisal services for sedation practitioners in the UK (and other countries) to demonstrate that they are continuing to meet the requirements, principles and values essential for revalidation. In this capacity Sedation Solutions will ensure that sedation practitioners achieve revalidation thresholds on their practice and their approach to medicine, supporting information regarding their practice, areas of practice where they could make improvements or undertake further development, feedback/audit and governance requirements, and ultimately demonstrating that the practitioner is up to date and fit to practise.


Sedation Solutions revalidation appraisals cover i) knowledge, skills, and performance; ii) safety and quality; iii) communication, partnership, and teamwork; and iv) trust. Our program includes activities that fully achieve the UK NICE guidelines stating that healthcare professionals delivering sedation should have:

  • Documented up-to-date evidence of competency including satisfactory completion

  • Demonstrated knowledge and competence covering the principles of sedation practice

  • A comprehensive record of practical experience of sedation techniques (logbook)* supervised clinical training


In practical terms a sedation practitioner requiring appraisal will periodically (as required) meet one of our senior sedation advisors and academics to ensure compliance with the revalidation requirements. Certain questions will be asked from the sedation practitioner as an indication of competency. The appraiser will identify areas that practitioners need to focus on and address to ensure revalidation compliance in a particular time frame. The sedation practitioner will be informed how to meet the requirements for safe practice e.g. update of airway certification, and assisted on how to achieve these. He/she will receive a list of all activities necessary over a year period to demonstrate knowledge and skills. Both the appraisee and the sedation practitioner will then sign documentation that they agree on the way forward. After a year there will be an assessment of what the sedation practitioner has done to meet the discussed criteria.



For clinics and groups, Sedation Solutions through the accredited academics and authorities on our team, offers an assessment process for conscious sedation clinics and institutions to accurately assess their level of performance in relation to established standards and to implement ways to continuously improve.


Our accreditation approach provides objective measures for the external evaluation of quality and quality management. We focus primarily on the patient and their pathway through the clinic including how they accessed care, how they are cared for after discharge, and the quality of the services provided for them. We evaluate in a systematic and comprehensive way the standards of professional performance in the institution including hands-on patient care, training and education of staff, credentials, clinical governance and audit, research activity, and ethical standards. The standards can also be used internally by the institution to develop and improve their quality standards and quality management.


The clinic or surgery receives a signed document if the clinic/surgery meets all the criteria for safe sedation practice. Similarly advice will be given if the clinic/surgery needs to improve certain aspects of safe sedation practice. Led by leading experts and authorities, our accreditation team ensures that accreditation is accurate, useful, complete and in compliance with UK guidelines.


Documentation Kit and Software

Here you can find all you need for your Conscious Sedation documentation requirements, as well as equipment and medications you can order. Also take a look at our Software which is the most advanced of its kind worldwide and is taking the administration and discipline of sedation practice to another level of professionalism, compliance, safety, and efficacy.


Download all the documentation you need to make sedation practice safe and effective. The documentation covers information for the clinic, for the patient, and for the procedure including:


Patient Pack

Pre-procedural checklist

Sedation monitoring chart

Post-sedation monitoring chart

Discharge scoring system

Discharge questionnaire

Checklist of equipment required

Clinic Intravenous Conscious Sedation Policy

Clinic Emergency Resuscitation Protocol

Clinic Intravenous Conscious Sedation Medication Use Protocol

Warfarin Protocol

Basic Life Support

Advanced Life Support



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