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Information for Surgeries

How to Register

You must be registered in order to book our sedation services.

Before proceeding with our free registration, please ensure that 1) you have access to two fully serviced and working oxygen cylinders, and 2) that your treating Doctor and accompanying Nurse have ILS (or ILS equivalent) training.

Once you meet these requirements, please call us on 020 8643 0913 where a member of our friendly team will be happy to take your details.

How to register
Procedues suited to sedation

Procedures Suited to Sedation 

Any procedure that does not require profound analgesia, muscular paralysis or total unconsciousness may be considered suitable for a sedation technique, both inside and outside the hospital. It is common practice to administer additional medications with sedative and analgesic properties as supplements to surgery performed with topical, local or regional anaesthesia.

Any patient undergoing a painful or anxiety-producing procedure, where cooperation for a diagnostic or delicate therapeutic procedure is required, should be considered a candidate for conscious sedation.

Any minor surgical procedure performed in a healthy patient under local, topical or regional anaesthesia, where the patient can leave the premises after an accepted, adequately monitored recovery period, can be considered for conscious sedation.

Although a facility may not be a sterile environment, superficial surgery can be done utilising field-sterility only. This would be acceptable provided certain set standards of sterility, patient monitoring and patient care are adhered to.

A widening range of specialists and medical/dental practitioners are using sedation in outside-the-theatre premises for diagnostic, and increasingly complex therapeutic procedures, with successful and satisfactory outcomes.

Arranging a Sedation

If a patient requires sedation, please note a few convenient dates and time slots for the surgery. Call our Sedation Solutions office on 020 8643 0913 to arrange the sedation appointment.

If you have not used our services before, please first register your surgery with Sedation Solutions before you request a sedation by calling the same number︎.

Once we have taken the patient's details from your team, your patient will receive our 'Patient Pack' via email, which includes an explanation of sedation, instructions on how to prepare for the sedation, the medical history questionnaire and the consent form. The patient must complete and sign forms, and return them via our online portal before the sedation can be confirmed︎.

Should a patient wish to speak to the sedationist, or in cases where the medical history is more complex, a telephone call or physical consultation with the patient and/or their treating doctor is arranged︎.

On the day before the procedure the patient will receive an electronic reminder with a link to the sedation instructions︎.

The sedationist arrives at your surgery fully equipped with all the sedation drugs, consumables, monitoring equipment and rescue apparatus.


In keeping with the CQC guidelines, all surgeries are expected to have filled and fully serviced oxygen cylinders with the appropriate attachments, and access to a defibrillator.

The pre-arranged responsible escort must be there at completion of the surgery. This escort must stay with the patient for the remainder of the day, and in some cases for longer︎.

An encrypted electronic copy of the contemporaneous sedation record is sent to the surgery at the end of the procedure.

The patient’s recovery from the sedation is monitored on the day after the surgery via an electronic application. This facility allows for direct communication with the patient’s sedationist.︎

Arranging a sedation

Pre and Post Sedation

Our pre and post sedation instructions can be found on our Patient Information page and in our FAQs. Please ensure you familiarise yourself with our FAQs and encourage your patient to do the same. 

If your patient is unable to comply with, or has any concerns regarding the instructions stated, please ask him/her to contact the Sedation Solutions office so that we can try to make adjustments to suit their particular requirements or circumstances.

Pre and post sedation

Aftercare Monitoring

At Sedation Solutions we use the novel electronic FollowApp application to communicate with our patients before and after their sedation.

This user-friendly mode of contact allows us to monitor their recovery after the procedure and facilitates immediate two-way communication between the sedation doctor and the patient.

We have found that our patients appreciate the instantaneous results that this electronic facility provides, and that the degree of engagement is in the order of 80%.


This application has become the preferred audit tool for Sedation Solutions due to the non-biased and objective patient feedback that this facility provides.

Aftercare monitoring
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