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About Us

Sedation Solutions is a CQC registered leading provider of advanced intravenous conscious sedation for the dental and medical communities in the United Kingdom. We enable your surgeon to offer sedation in a safe and compliant manner, all the while remaining committed to delivering a gold standard service which places the patient at the very heart of the entire sedation process.

Advanced sedation, expertly delivered

We are a group of medical doctors who provide mobile intravenous advanced sedation to patients for dental and medical surgical procedures at the surgery of their choice. Currently, we provide advanced sedation services to over 2000 dental and medical surgeons and pride ourselves on our professional service and the reputation that we have established.

We arrive at the surgery fully equipped with all the sedation medications, disposable gear, monitoring, and emergency equipment to administer safe and effective advanced sedation.

For dental procedures we administer conscious sedation to provide a relaxing, anxiety-free and painless experience.

This enables individuals who may be apprehensive or afraid to go to the dentist to receive the dental care they need while avoiding the common fears associated with dental anxiety. It also enables patients to have extensive surgery performed in one session and in total comfort.

For most medical surgical procedures we administer procedural sedation, which is a safe alternative to general anaesthesia for certain types of medical surgical procedures. Research studies show that procedural sedation outside the hospital setting is a safe and cost-effective alternative to general anaesthetics, with less of the unpleasant after-effects associated with general anaesthesia.

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