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Patient Story 

General dentistry patient, 2022


As a young girl I came round with a gas mask on my face during treatment and I have panicked in the dentist chair ever since. That was many years ago and as a result dental treatment for me (and probably the dentist) was an ordeal and my teeth were never straightened as I could not cope with impressions or anything ‘extra’ in my mouth.  I have a small mouth and quick gag reflex so find the tools of the trade very difficult to cope with.  


However since being taken on by my current dentist I have had regular check ups and treatment and this is due to her empathetic and very careful approach.  She understood that as I got older I could not have coped with a denture plate if my teeth deteriorated to the extent that I had to have some removed and then chewing would become more difficult and in turn more teeth would break down. Her suggestion was that we act before that happened to ensure that my teeth would continue to serve me. She suggested we use conscious sedation as this would allow her to perform the more complex procedures more easily whilst I was sedated.  


Conscious sedation meant that I would be able to respond to requests eg. to open my mouth etc but not feel the pain or discomfort of any procedure.  I basically slept through the treatment which lasted two hours.  When it was finished I was a little wobbly on my feet but with help to get home and a cup of tea I was completely aware of my surroundings again and although sleepy had no ill effects ….and MAGIC - the procedures were completed!  


I have vague recollections of some things during treatment but nothing that causes difficulty and I am well on the way to making my teeth as futureproof as possible! 


Before the procedure you are asked questions about your health to ensure any vital information is shared and that there is nothing known that would cause a problem.  On the day the qualified anaesthetist talks to you about the process and answers any queries you may have and then works with your dentist to administer the sedative and monitor you during the process.  There is also a contact given if you are in any way concerned when you return home.  A follow-up call or e-mail also checks on your recovery.  Everyone on this journey has been professional, pleasant, helpful and attentive.


Conscious sedation through Sedation Solutions has been a lifechanger for me. It is not cheap but neither is it unreasonably expensive as you are paying for a qualified professional and the product, but neither are good dentures cheap to make and this way I keep my own teeth! I am very pleased I have this option.

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