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Patient Story 

General dentistry patient, 2022


I arrived at my dentist’s surgery in tears despite having many years of dental treatments.  For some bizarre reason I had developed an awful sensitive gag response. My dentist suggested sedation.   I was incredibly nervous the first time I had sedation with Sedation Solutions.  However, the calm, professional sedationist gently sent me into a relaxed state.  It would have been impossible for me to have any dental procedure without sedation.  I experienced no gagging and I have no memory of the dental treatment; a real bonus.


There is nothing worse than experiencing the sort of anxiety that makes you gag and retch or the fear of being out of control if you have sedation.  However, the fantastic skills of the Sedation Solutions team has enabled me to receive the treatment I needed with no gagging and no problems with recovery.  The knowledge that you have a highly skilled Sedationist who is dedicated to your comfort and safety means that you can relax and let the dentist do his job.


I am extremely grateful that such a service exists and I will continue to use it.

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