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Patient Story  

Implant patient, 2022/2023


I am becoming something of a veteran at this now as I’m in the middle of an extensive programme of quite complex dental procedures.


I have had many many dental procedures since childhood and have always had local anaesthesia and while some of it was fairly long and uncomfortable (root canals etc) I have never been particularly anxious or worried. Then, about 6 years ago I had a rather challenging extraction which took my dentist nearly two hours in total and then resulted in a dry socket and resulting weeks of misery. The memory of that lingers!


I am now well into my 60’s and was referred to (dentist) at (dental surgery) for this current programme of procedures. Once he had explained what it would all entail, I confess that my knees began to shake at the thought of it. He then offered me the option of sedation which I welcomed.


Sedation Solutions were really swift with the appointment and pre-procedure information which was completely clear, concise and straightforward with very easy options to contact them with any questions etc.


I am three procedures in now, twice with Dr Bosch who has been just wonderful. He knows I also work in the NHS and am slightly embarrassed by my rather feeble anxiety over the dental work and he has just been SO reassuring, professional and empathetic. He is so skilled and quick at getting cannulas in and there is never any hanging about whilst things are being got ready…all that is done beforehand so once in the chair, there is no time to raise the anxiety levels, they just crack straight on which is a huge relief.


On no occasion have I EVER been even remotely anxious or in pain during the procedures and each time, the recovery has been swift and uneventful with no side effects at all.


The post-op check-up communication is also reassuring and appreciated with a contact number in case of trouble. I really cannot overstate how very impressed…and grateful I am to be in such good hands with Sedation Solutions.


Thank you very much indeed.

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