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Patient Story 

Deep root scaling and filling patient, 2023


My “sedation story” starts over 10 years ago.  Having had a severe dental phobia for many years, I was very aware that my teeth needed urgent attention - I knew the longer I left things, the worse they would become.

I then had 2 very unpleasant and unfortunate experiences with 2 separate dentists in my local area which completely put me off the sedation idea even though I knew it was going to be the only way I would be able to cope with any procedure.

Having decided that things could wait no longer I took the bull by the horns and rang a new dentist who had opened in the next village to mine.  On my first appointment I asked about sedation and was told it could be arranged.  That is when Sedation Solutions came into my life.  The bookings procedure and customer service was second to none and completely trouble free.  I must have had at least 10 sessions and can honestly say I can’t tell you how grateful and impressed with the service you offer.  Everything is clearly explained including pre-op and post-op instructions as well as face-to-face on the day of the procedure. The added bonus is the care and attention given to me by Dr Bosch who puts me completely at ease enabling me to relax. 

I do not suffer any after-effects after the procedures and after a sleep after treatment I’m fine.  I wholeheartedly recommend Sedation Solutions - thank you, I’m so grateful.

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