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Patient Story 

General dentistry patient, 2022


When my dentist advised me of IV sedation, I was initially apprehensive. I had tried other tablet forms of calming medication, which had never worked, so I wondered if this would mean I was able to get my teeth sorted, something I had been putting off for many years.


I take great care of my teeth as I want to avoid the dentist as much as possible, but as a very anxious person, I grind my teeth and clench my jaw at night and I was sure I had cracked a tooth. I needed to have x-rays and some filling work doing so I needed an option that would enable me to get through the appointment.


I knew I needed a small amount of work doing so I agreed and that was all I heard for a while. Then I had an update email that a sedation business had been contacted and they would be in contact with me in due course. I was terrified but so happy that there was a possibility of me getting the work done. 


I had an email giving me so much information about the sedation and telling me who my Dr would be, Dr Gideon Bosch. I had a look at the website and there was no shortage of information to read through. 


I was very happy to pay the fee knowing that it would mean I didn’t have to sit through a stress-inducing experience at the dentist. 


On the day of my appointment, I was extremely anxious as was expected, but I was introduced to Dr Bosch at reception and straight away he told me I would be absolutely fine and talked me through the process. He has a very calming manner, which I greatly appreciated. Getting into the chair and having the IV inserted into my hand was very quick and didn’t hurt at all, I remember Dr Bosch saying it would take about half a minute and then I don’t remember much else. 


I do recall waking up slightly towards the end of the procedure and having x-rays done, as well as the finishing touches. Despite being aware of these things, I was still very calm and not bothered in the slightest that they were taking place. That felt amazing.


When I was woken up after the appointment, I don’t remember much, but I was guided out of the room by Dr Bosch so I could pay. I still felt very calm and my mother told me afterwards that I had made a comment about something and sounded a bit drunk, which made me laugh. 


It’s a bit disconcerting that you don’t remember things during the appointment or even the day of the sedation, but in hindsight it was the best decision I made. If I ever need any more work doing, I would probably go down the same route and have sedation again, it enabled me to achieve something I have been dreading for years. Just being at the dentist and having the IV inserted was a massive step for me. 


I’m hoping that after this experience that I will go from strength to strength and finally get to a place where I won’t need sedation to have work done. I really do appreciate everything Dr Bosch, my dentist and her team have done for me in regards to this work. I am forever grateful that sedation is an option for those who are in need of it, it opens many doors that a lot of us deem locked forever. Thank you again. 

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