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Patient Story

Extraction and implant patient, 2022


The road to my implant surgery has been a long one with a desire for me to keep as many of my natural teeth for as long as possible, but, with subsequent problems that arose I decided the time had come to have some implants. I was not prepared for the prognosis from both my dentist and my periodontal surgeon that the best way forward was to have all my remaining upper teeth removed and have a full arch implant. I am quite happy to undergo dental procedures with normal injections for numbness but the removal of a number of teeth, including two incisors, was something I did not relish. So I held back on making a decision. Fate, however, took a hand when crunching away on some cashew nuts dislodged a tooth that was already loose and some sort of decision had to be made as to how to rectify a gap in my front teeth.


I consulted an implant surgeon recommended by my periodontal surgeon who explained the implant process in depth. I told him my fears regarding aspects of the process, especially of having a number of teeth removed at the same time. He said that intravenous sedation, undertaken by a qualified anaesthetist, alongside the surgery would be one solution. The others being numbing injections only or oral sedation in tablet form. I opted for the intravenous sedation and was sent comprehensive details of what the sedation involved by both the practice and Sedation Solutions. On first reading I found the list of possible side effects quite daunting and worried that other conditions such as age, medical history etc might impact on my response to sedation. However, the comprehensive form detailing medical history that was required by Sedation Solutions eased my anxiety as I felt the anaesthetist would look at the information given and make a professional judgement as to what would be best for me. Sedation Solutions communicated regularly up to the evening of the surgery with regards to preparing myself for the sedation. These were concise instructions that were easy to follow. The anaesthetist also forwarded a mobile number should I have any last minute questions or concerns.


On the day of the implant surgery I was asked to arrive prior to my appointment time and my anaesthetist spent a good 15 minutes reviewing my information and talking me through the procedure and what after effects, if any, I could expect. He also did a thorough run through of how to spend the next 24 hours and re-emphasised the things I should avoid in that period. This conversation was very caring and went a long way towards allaying my concerns. Once the surgery and sedation began I was very comfortable and can recall very little of the whole procedure even though I was told I would be conscious throughout. On returning home with an escort I spent the rest of the day resting. I retired early and had a really good sleep! The following day I was still a little 'vague' and did very little until the evening.


I would not hesitate to recommend intravenous sedation to anyone who is undergoing potentially painful dental work and certainly Sedation Solutions provided an excellent and professional service.

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